Member Benefits: tools for new employee outreach

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Though members join a union because they want to take a stand along-side their colleagues, AFT+ member benefits can help reassure potential members that they are joining a union that cares about their life outside of work as well. Our strength in numbers allows us to negotiate discounts on benefits that provide meaningful assistance to members, like a credit card with a low interest rate that can help the family-budget, or travel discounts that can help members enjoy their precious and well-earned time off, or various forms of insurance that help members sleep better at night.

AFT+ member benefits are also there when the unexpected happens. This year, when heavy rains caused disastrous flooding in the state of West Virginia, AFT members across the state and nation rushed to provide aid, and AFT+ played an important role in getting AFT members some relief. On top of the direct aid provided by AFT members who raised money and drove into the worst-hit areas with vans full of the most needed items (clothes, children's shoes, blankets, toiletries), AFT+ gave every affected member participating in an AFT + credit, mortgage or insurance program a $500 disaster grant (this money does not have to be repaid). This assistance can't change what happened, but it was real help at a time when help was needed.

Don't be afraid to make member benefits part of the conversation with potential members. Put the emphasis on how strength in numbers helps us negotiate these benefits, and how these benefits are selected by members to help other members with life's challenges. That way, you can fit a few words about member benefits into the overall discussion of what our union is all about.  

For more information on AFT+ Member Benefits, click here.

If you encounter questions you can't answer, the AFT member benefits staff are happy to help at 800-238-1133, ext. 8643 or by email at To find member benefits on the AFT website, visit