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Elections Matter 2020


AFT Votes flier
Spread the word. Make sure your colleagues and fellow AFT members know about AFT's endorsement process and are engaged in our 2020 election efforts. Download the AFTVotes flier and invite fellow members to get--and stay--involved in the process.

AFT Votes Talking Points

With the 2020 campaign having begun, and in order to help ensure the AFT is actively shaping the debate for 2020, the AFT Executive Council approved unanimously a guiding resolution on our 2020 presidential endorsement process. The resolution is rooted in transparency and strives to generate the greatest level of meaningful member participation ever in the presidential endorsement process. By doing so, we help elect a candidate who shares our values and vision. The resolution not only builds upon what has worked, but also includes several new initiatives that will lift members’ voices.

AFT Votes sign up card
We want to hear from you. Sign up to stay involved in and up to date on the AFT endorsement process.

Mobilization resource guide
Here is a helpful resource guide that gives you tools for working with data, setting up websites, planning engagement activities and creating ads. This is a great place to get started and covers varying levels of political engagement.

AFT Votes stickers
Order stickers to distribute and make sure your colleagues and fellow AFT members know where to get information about AFT's endorsement process, and how to stay engaged in AFT's 2020 election efforts. View the sticker here. To order stickers contact us at


Make sure you are registered

Check the deadline to register in your state

Elections in 2019


Host a presidential debate watch party!  Debate watch parties are just one part of the AFT’s effort to ensure maximum member participation in the endorsement process.

Join your union in talking to other union members about the candidates and issues important to us. Sign up to volunteer.

Attend a town hall with your member of congress

Meet with your member of congress: Join an ACE (Activist for Congressional Education) team!

  • Sign up to serve on an ACE committee. Email us at
  • Get material for your meeting with members of congress (Note: you must be a registered user of LeaderNet to access these materials. Go here for more information.)


Tools you can use/Asking AFT for help


Resources for peer-to-peer political mobilization

Member-to-member postcard writing

Issues that matter: Key issue talking points that can be utilized during this important election season

AFT members as elected officials and candidates for public office

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