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Trauma counseling programs and services

Communications resource kit for affiliate leaders

The AFT is offering a new benefit exclusively for AFT members—trauma counseling—because we know that our members, while fully focused on serving their communities, often neglect to seek help and healing for their own personal traumas. This innovative program uses the latest communication technologies—phone, text and video—to assist members whenever needed, wherever a member may be. Sessions with highly trained, licensed therapists are completely private and offered free to all active working members, including those on leave status. Enhanced, paid coverage at a discount is also available through the Trauma Coverage® program.


  • Aggravated assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Mass shootings/terrorist acts
  • Major disaster

At work

  • Bullied, harassed or threatened
  • Traumatized by witnessing a violent incident
  • Infection by contagious disease
  • Secondary trauma

Below, you will find materials to help you get the word out to your members about this timely and helpful new benefit.

Informational materials

Download and share the informational flier on the trauma program

English | Spanish

Download and share the FAQs for affiliates and members

English | Spanish

Sample email text for locals to send to members.

Social media

Shareable graphics—click to download

Sample posts:


AFT members work hard—now more than ever—to educate, heal, help and serve our communities. Sometimes our own stress is compounded by a personal or workplace trauma; still, we struggle to be fully present for others. Now the AFT is offering a new, free benefit—Trauma Coverage—to provide help and healing for our members, whenever needed, wherever a member may be. These services are free and available to all active working members, including those on leave status — learn more here:


Attention members: @AFTMembBen is offering a new, free benefit—Trauma Coverage—to provide help and healing for @AFTunion members only. Learn more here:

Updating Your Membership Lists

This is a members-only benefit and AFT members will need to register for the AFT Member Account Access page on our AFT website.

To register they need their AFT member ID, their local number and their last name as it appears in our membership system.  This information is all on their Membership Card.  

Members who do not have either their card or their ID, can easily request it via a simple form on the registration page.

Please make sure to update your membership with AFT. If you are in a state where the state organization handles your membership data, please contact them for assistance.  Those states are:  Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey HPAE, New York (NYSUT) and North Dakota.

All other states can send go to Help Requests and send an updated membership file.

If you haven’t sent us a membership file recently and haven’t setup an account in Help Requests, just click on this link:

Once there, you’ll be able to sign up for an account—signup is required to ensure the security of your data. Accounts are approved daily.

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