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Fighting for Our Values

The AFT’s commitment to protecting and expanding the American pathway to success and security remains undiminished in the new civic environment of the Trump presidency.

We are all in—fighting for the pillars of the American middle class and our democracy. We stand together for a fair and vibrant economy that offers good jobs and opportunity to all; a system of great neighborhood public schools that nurture all children in a safe learning environment; public higher education that is affordable and inclusive; high-quality healthcare for all Americans; democracy rooted in pluralism and equality, with a free press and a thriving labor movement; and a just society where every person can be free from discrimination, bigotry and bullying.

This is a time of unprecedented activism and resistance to the threats the Trump administration poses to our values. You'll find resources here to help stay mobilized, connect with our allies and engage with our communities, as we fight forward to protect our values in our own communities and across the nation.


What does it mean to be #AFTAllIn?

  • #AFTAllin means picking ourselves up, extending a hand to our neighbors and our colleagues, and recommitting ourselves to the task of fighting for an America where everyone has a fair chance. 
  • #AFTAllin is about joining together so that no one is demonized, threatened, or excluded. 
  • #AFTAllin is how we lift each other up rather than let anyone push any of us down. 
  • #AFTAllin means that we bring a renewed passion and a sense of urgency to the fight to strengthen the institutions that support democracy—like our schools, our public services and our unions—and we double-down on our efforts to engage and mobilize our members, and speak-out for the communities we serve.

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