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Hustle - Personalized Texting on a Large Scale

Hustle is an amazing new tool that can be used by affiliates to do personal outreach to membership via text on a large scale. Learn more about what Hustle is an how it works with these resources below:

  • Hustle AFT Program Overview 2019 – Get the details on what Hustle is and how it can work
  • Hustle Intro Slideshow – This powerpoint gives an overview of what Hustle is, walks through an example of how it has been used, and some technical examples of how to get it set up
  • Writing Effective Hustle Scripts – Ready to get started? Here are some best practices on writing Hustle scripts so that you can have the most effective text conversations with your target audiences
  • Data Template – You’ll need a .CSV file of your membership data. Check out this sample to get started in the right direction.

If you are interested in getting started on Hustle, please fill out this brief "Getting Started" survey and an AFT National staff person will follow up with you to get your account set up. The tool is free to use, as long as your affiliate is willing to participate in a few national actions that will involve Hustle. 

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