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Threats to Immigrants

President Trump’s recent executive orders on immigrants and refugees run counter to the AFT’s long-standing positions on these issues. We oppose these orders, the racist and xenophobic logic that underlies them, the havoc they have created in the lives of those affected, and the damage they have done to America’s standing in the world and to our national security. The section below has information and resources to fight back against these order.

Read more on the AFT’s “Protecting our students” page on

Train-the-trainer curriculum and materials

Our members want to fight back and stand up for their students. But they need our guidance on how to do it. To help, the AFT has developed a training curriculum and materials designed to teach activists about their rights as educators during immigration enforcement raids; prepare educators to train their colleagues on their rights and the rights of their students; and help educators develop school-specific plans for how to handle immigration raids in their communities.

Additional resources

AFT Protecting Our Dreamers

Get engaged in your Congressional District by accessing this toolkit, which contains social media sample posts for 34 Congressional Republicans, a print ad and a sample Pandora ad. 

AFT Protecting Our Patients

No one should feel unsafe in places dedicated to people’s health. Your healthcare facility can let patients know they believe this, too, by joining AFT locals in adopting this pledge to protect patients.
With the attacks on the legal status of immigrants, it can be confusing to know what rights immigrants have when seeking healthcare services. This fact sheet provides some basic information for immigrants as well as health professionals about rights for patients and the professionals delivering their care.
All patients deserve protection in healthcare facilities, regardless of immigration status. Use this guideline to develop a protocol in your facility that protects the rights of patients when ICE agents enter the facility, and that empowers the health professionals working there to do the same.

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