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Back-to-School and Orientation

Back to school is already upon us! Here are some materials to get you on the right path: 

  • First of all, review this checklist so you know what you should be planning. Also, review these best practices for the Back to School period.
  • When Back to School begins, refer to this sample speech outline for how to speak to the new employees.
  • Here is a powerpoint on How to Back to School that can give an overview on what you should be planning.
  • Watch this 50 minute Webinar on How to Rock Back to School. In it you can find tips for a strong BTS program at the state and national level, best practices, and some info on how BTS could be affected by the current political climate.
  • If you are from a non K-12 constituency, check out this informative Webinar for New Employee Orientations. In it you will find useful tools for reaching out and maintaining relationships with potential new members, regardless of your AFT constituency.
  • A "First Friend, Best Friend” program makes the union relevant for the variety of ways in which it assists the newly hired to get acclimated and become successful on the job.
  • Here's a helpful tool to Improve New Employee Orientation Sessions.
  • Finally, don't forget to order your BTS materials! Go to this link to order today.

Here are some useful affiliate Back-to-School materials:

  • St Paul Federation of Teachers has put together this graphic on the value of the union.
  • IFT has this helpful worksheet on how to talk to potential new members and tips on information that can go into bags that are handed out during back-to-school.
  • From the Ohio Nurses Federation, a useful powerpoint for New Employee Orientation.

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