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Worksite Leadership and Building Rep Structure

While fighting off the anti-union  Question 2 in 2016, AFT Massachusetts learned a lot of lessons that would help build up their leadership structure at the worksite level across the state.

This presentation reviews how No on 2 was won with an army of active union members. Also, they created a flyer that helps explain why worksite leaders are needed and is used to help recruit new leaders.

A document showing how they established tactics and goals can be found here.


UAUO has prepared a handy Exec Council Handbook and a Steward Handbook which give a strong framework for their leadership structure for their local as well as at the worksite level.

In them are many tools such as raps, trainings, directories, checklists, and more.


Boston Teachers Union has developed a great school assessment survey that you can customize and use with your members to gauge union involvement and awareness at your school. Click here to download.


Member Engagement Training Manual

A Manual for Member Organizers and Activists - The purpose of our member engagement and mobilization training is to develop a process that connects our members to their union and moves them to activism. That means building strong worksite structures that build lasting relationships that will support engaging and mobilizing our membership around issues they care about, and providing member organizers the tools they need to have a conversation with their colleagues, listen to their concerns and share information that comes from these conversations with union leadership. 

Mobile Toolkit for Worksite Leaders

AFT’s Mobile Toolkit for Worksite Leaders gives affiliates the ability to provide building representatives and other identified activists with appropriate-level access to selected data on members and potential members. The application can be used to record conversations with colleagues, capture attitudes and opinions on important local or state issues and to update critical contact information, such as cell phone numbers and non-work emails. The application will run on any smart phone, tablet or computer. Best of all, a corresponding application gives local affiliates complete control in setting up and managing worksite leader accounts.

For more information on the Mobile Toolkit for Worksite Leaders, visit to watch a short eight minute video. If you would like Mobile Toolkit for Worksite Leaders for your local, please contact Larry Doyle at

For worksite leaders: a comprehensive approach to organizing conversations and one-on-one union communication.


The first of these two documents covers what building reps do (the training took place in Florida, so FEA is the affiliate referenced in both documents). It is a 'job-description' for worksite leadership teams. The second document describes a workshop session in which affiliate leaders develop a plan for 'supporting worksite leadership as a "system."'


A great presentation on how we can strengthen our worksite leadership structures, developed by Rick Kuplinski, AFT Deputy Director, as part of his work with AFT locals and state federations.